Team adventure game
Inspired by Fortress Boyard


TEPfactor is a game concept inspired by the legendary Fortress Boyard.

It combines interesting game challenges, original environments and everything is supported by modern technologies.

The game is designed for teams of 2 – 6 people. The aim of the game is to open the treasure chest. And as a bonus, it is possible to spin around the fortune and get an interesting reward.

TEPfactor’s mission is to bring people together and teach them the importance of teamwork in a fun way. To accomplish the task, you really need to involve every player in the game.

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TEPfactor is a game attractive to all generations

  • This makes our concept perfect not only for a weekend trip with the family, but also for various corporate teambuilding events.
  • We have several motivational elements in the game that increase the team’s motivation to actually complete each task. For example, an animator in a pirate costume is available to guide the players during the game.
  • Individual teams can keep track of their scores on several scoreboards and can compare their performance with other teams.

What are the unique advantages of the TEPfactor concept?

  • We bring real, tangible entertainment that you can experience with friends, family or colleagues – a nice contrast to the current passive form of entertainment full of video games.
  • We have our own unique game challenges coupled with original space solutions
  • We offer the possibility to vary the game challenges, which encourages repeat visits
  • Truly every member of the team must be involved in the task
    Involvement in the game is not limited by physical fitness, age or intellect
  • Year-round operation regardless of season
    Choice of game difficulty affecting the points earned for completing the task